Setting Summary

The world died ages ago. No one is sure what caused the collapse of the great empires of the ancients. Rumors and legends abound, but with only the skeletal remains of the great cities and the last dying sparks of the ancients’ technology and magic, sages and sorcerers must depend upon speculation and experimentation to unlock the secrets of the past.

Whatever the cause, the ancient civilizations were not alone in their suffering; the world itself remains scarred and bleeding from the cataclysmic end of an age. The earth lays cracked open, new born mountains thrust up to the skies, and bottomless canyons criss-cross the plains. Oceans swallowed the shores of the great continents, drowning cities beneath leagues of water. The ice caps melted and reformed, their icy fingers hungrily claiming more of the land with each passing year. Across the land smolder the undying embers of fiery ruin, plumbs of smoke still darkening the air. Lakes and swamps still shimmer and weep with the poisons of the world’s death throws.

Even the heavens bear the scars of the cataclysm. The sun passes slowly over the sky, gazing upon the ruined earth, a distant, unblinking red eye. And the moon, once so bright and full now hangs shattered, it’s massive shards spreading across the heavens day and night, slowly drifting off into the unknown vacuum beyond.

Though the world has died, however, it is being reborn.

Out of the ashes rise small nation states, the resilient remains of the civilized races. These peoples struggle to push back the hostile wilderness about them, fight off the monstrous creatures roaming the wastes, and reclaim the forgotten glory of the ancients. But what rises from the ruin is not the same as what laid down at the time of the cataclysm. Even life bears the touch of the ancients’ failure. Bodies have been twisted by ages of hardship and struggle. Disease and plague, poison and exposure have warped and reformed the life of the planet. The wounds still remain, though life and will refuse to fall before the darkness that has conquered the world.

It is a time for heroes, for the mighty to go forth and reshape the world in their own image. Though the races are rising again, their fate still hangs in the balance and the need for courageous and ambitious men and women is now greater than ever.

Setting Summary

The Age of Ruin nephrendus